Okay, so in an early post I had mentioned that I would be doing a lap of Europe mostly by myself. While I thought that was true at the time, it turned out that I really only spent a week travelling solo. I also want to apologize for getting this out so late! Here’s what my itinerary looks like:


Weekend Trips (starting in March)

March 3-7th: Tenerife, Spain

March 10-12th: Copenhagen, Denmark

March 17-18th: Dublin, Ireland (St. Patty’s Day!)


“Reading break”

March 25-28th: Amsterdam, Netherlands

March 28-30th: Rotterdam, Netherlands

March 30-April 1st: Ghent, Belgium

April 1-3rd: Antwerp, Belgium

April 3-6th: Chamonix, France

April 6-9th: Zermatt, Switzerland

April 9-12th: Venice, Italy

April 12-14th: Vienna, Austria

April 14-16th: Krakow, Poland

April 16-18th: Glasgow, Scotland (have to go back to see Ed Sheeran!)

April 18-19th: Berlin, Germany

April 19-20th: Prague, Czech Republic

April 20-22nd: Budapest, Hungary

April 22-23rd: Berlin, Germany

April 23rd: Back to Glasgow for exams… 🙁


Stay tuned for further updates as to where I’ll be after my exams!