Dublin: St. Patrick’s Day

I sit here in the airport, carrying only the clothes on my back. I’m seriously questioning what I’m getting myself into. I know it’s a once in a lifetime trip, but that might only be because my body can only handle it once. 34 hours, 8 friends, countless beers… St. Patrick’s Day in the capital of Ireland. I’ll keep you updated.

Just for clarification, this picture was taken after the 9:45am post!

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Copenhagen: The Capital of the Happiest Country on Earth

I’ll have to admit, this trip started out with a big loss. It was originally planned with the same crew as the Malaga weekend, but due to Emily having an ear infection, the risk of flying was too great. Just like that our terrific trio was turned into a dynamic duo. Although this was a sad turn of events, the rest of the weekend was filled with fun surprises and spontaneous adventures, and her ear is back ready for her next adventure!

Obligatory picture of Nyhavn (New Harbour)

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Tenerife: An Island Paradise

I’ve always heard inspiring travellers talk of how everyone needs to go solo travelling at least once in your life. If I were a hippie, I would say that I need to find myself. In truth, I just love to try new things. I’m very fortunate for all the travelling that I’ve done with my family and friends. At the end of the month I’ll start on a one month lap of Europe mostly by myself, and this weekend marks the first time I’ve ever done this.

Enjoying a Canarian Beer at Sunset

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A Weekend in Malaga

Every interlingual trip that I’ve ever been on, my mom was the key translator. It’s not that she knows any more of the language than anyone else in the rest of our family. She was just in charge. Now that I’m travelling with friends instead of family, that all changed. Key in a trip to Malaga with 2 friends.

Our Malaga crew! Emily on the left, and Mary on the right.

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Welcome To My Adventure!

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my very first blog. I hope that this is just as entertaining for you as it is for me. If you don’t already know me, you can learn about me in the “About” section shown above, or stay tuned, as I’m sure there are many stories to come. That’s what I love about travelling! I hope you love it as much as I do, and go out to experience it yourself. I just got back from Dublin, Ireland 4 days ago, and am headed to Malaga, Spain in 1 weeks time! The Dublin post will be coming shortly, and I hope you enjoy it! Also: here’s a random picture of my family and I on our last trip together in Brazil.