About Me

Hi! My name is Nick Gerritsen, and I’ve been travelling since I was 10 weeks old.

My mom’s life passion is travelling. Ever since I can remember, our family took an annual trip somewhere around the world. The only thing that these trips had in common is that we never went to the same place twice, and they were always off the beaten path. With our clan of four, we travelled to places on every continent, including The Caribbean, Peru, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, Egypt, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, and many places around Europe and the Mediterranean. Now our family vacations are less frequent and harder to coordinate ¬†as I am a full-time student, and my sister has a full-time teaching job. Our last adventure was to Brazil, almost two years ago.

My family looking down on Macchu Picchu in 2008.

I’ve been in university for two and a half years now, and have organized an exchange from University of British Columbia Okanagan (my home university) to University of Glasgow (where I currently study). This exchange will last for 5 months, and it marks the beginning of my independent travelling. My flight to get here was my first solo international flight. Because of this new beginning, I’ve started a blog to document everything! I hope you are inspired the way others have inspired me. Have a look around!